Safety On The River

Enjoy a safe days fishing on the River Yare

Your Safety On The River 

The GYNCAA stretch of the River Yare between the Boards and Langley Dyke provides an amazing days fishing for anglers who visit locally and nationally.

At the same time this is a powerful, natural tidal river that needs to which anglers need to respect the surrounding environment. We have set out a list of fishing safety advice and rules that we ask anglers to respect, not only for their own safety but for others around them too. 

Fishing Platforms

To make the river as accessible as possible for as many anglers as we can, most pegs now have platforms for easy access to fish. Please enter and exit the platforms from the rear edge when setting up or leaving as due to the natural river bank, there may be hidden holes either side.

Strong Tidal River

The River Yare is tidal with quite a strong flow and some pegs are very deep close to the bank. so do not enter the water at any time.

Open Excavations & Deep Dykes

There are open excavations and deep dykes in some areas. Do not drive or park within one metre of the edge of these excavations when approaching the river.

Leave Access Points Clear

We are extremely fortunate to have fantastic relationships with local landowners who allow access to the river year after year. These tracks are part of a live business so please park sensibly and do not block access points to fields or gates.

Livestock & Cattle

Livestock can be present on the banks when fishing so please ensure you close all gates behind you and leave the livestock in peace to enjoy their own environment.

Respect No Parking Signs


The flood bank still has leaks from the protection works and the ground is very wet, this applies to any type of vehicle.

Vehicles must also NOT BE TAKEN on the top of the flood bank under any circumstance.

10MPH Speed Limit

To ensure the tracks down to the river are kept as good as possible the landowners have placed a 10 mph speed limit on them, please adhere to this limit. Remember these tracks are used on a daily basis for farming and the landowners so please respect this speed limit.