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Important Parking Rules At Draw HQ Chedgrave

by | Jun 14, 2022 | 0 comments

Not long to go now so here comes my annual sermon regarding parking in Chedgrave and Loddon for the draw. I have also added pictures this year for those who can’t read!!!!

I appreciate that once you have drawn you want to get to the bank as soon as possible, however consideration to the local community is just as important. There is ample parking spaces on the river bank so there is no rush to get a space when you leave the pub.

With nearly 100 anglers descending on the village we will be continuing with the rolling draw for the first few matches in order to reduce traffic congestion around the White Horse. The draw will start at 8.00 and continue until 8.30 therefore reducing the time some vehicles are parked and making space for later arrivals.

This will also give Simon at the White Horse additional space and time to serve everybody breakfast.

As for parking for the draw, obviously being a situated in a small but very bust village with busses needing access to the stop just outside the pub car park entrance as well as mid-week match draws coinciding with the school run.

The same applies for parking after the match too.


• please do not park on the sharp bend the Loddon side of the pub where the wooden post are, this causes an obstruction to larger vehicles trying to negotiate the corner and also reduces visibility to vehicles and pedestrians

• Please do not park on the Triangle area on the junction opposite the pub, this is reserved for residents only.

• Please do not obstruct the bus stop just outside the pub car park entrance, give it three car lengths space.

• Due to an incident with another club last year there is currently no parking in the industrial area opposite


• Please try to get as many cars inside the pub car park as possible by parking sensibly.

• Make use of the car park adjacent to the Marina about 150 yards into Loddon opposite the Premier Store, it is just three minutes walk to the pub and the rolling draw will help with this option giving you more time to get to your peg after drawing, this has free parking for the first two hours but you must obtain a ticket from the machine.

• If none of the above options are available then park on the pub side of Norwich Road towards the A146 making sure that you don’t obstruct the bus stop. There is no need to turn round when going to the bank drive towards the A146 for approximately 300 yards, turn right and follow road to the end and it will bring you back out onto Langley Road where you turn left.